Trails Strategy


The desire for a central strategy for trails in Nova Scotia was born out of the 2010 Trails for Tomorrow Today Conference. The development of the strategy was one of the key outcomes of the World Café and the Government Summit held in conjunction with the conference.

Representatives of NS Trails and the Provincial Government have been meeting since 2013.

Members of the Trails Strategy Working Group (TSWG)

  • Sandy Anderson – Park Planner, Department of Natural Resources
  • Vanda Jackson – Executive Director, Nova Scotia Trails Federation
  • Blaise MacEachern – Chair, Trans Canada Trail Committee
  • Peter McCracken – Acting Active Transportation Consultant, Active Living Branch, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Hilary Paquet – Parks and Trails Coordinator, Municipality of the County of Colchester
  • Ted Scrutton – Past-President of Nova Scotia Trails Federation
  • Dawn Stegen – ICT Co-Chair; Director of Regional Services, Active Living Branch, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Steve Vines – Trails Consultant, Active Living Branch, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Holly Woodill – President of Nova Scotia Trails Federation
  • Heather Yule – Acting Manager, Development, Tourism Nova Scotia

Past Members

  • Rick Jacques – Trails Coordinator, Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition; VP of Nova Scotia Trails Federation
  • Rick Gilbert – retired ICT Co-Chair; retired Director of Corporate Strategy, Active Living Branch, Department of Health & Wellness
  • Robin Norrie – Manager of Recreation, Active Living Branch, Department of Health & Wellness

Profiling Nova Scotia's Trail Movement

The TSWG researched and selected a process to develop the strategy, and has profiled the trail movement in Nova Scotia. This background document informs discussions regarding development of the strategy by providing a snapshot of where the trails movement in Nova Scotia currently rests.

Trail stakeholders across the province had the opportunity to provide feedback on this document through an online survey.

Profile of the Trails Movement in Nova Scotia

Regional Consultations

During the spring of 2015 a series of 7 regional consultations was held with members in the trails community to begin to put together the go-forward strategy. Over 300 stakeholders participated in 3-hour sessions. Building on the Profile, the sessions were designed to envision where we’d like the trails system and trails movement to be in 10 years’ time.

Three additional consultations were held with the paddling community, provincial recreation organizations and relevant provincial government departments. The commitment and passion of the entire trails community is fantastic. The TSWG would like to thank everyone who participated in these consultations which assisted in the development of a draft framework for the strategy.


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