Executive actions for coming months

As the CEO is not available to return to NS Trails until at the earliest the end of July, NS Trails has taken the following actions:

  1. Geoff Smith, Communications and Administrative Assistant, will be kept on for at least three months following the CEO's return. Geoff's duties have been extended beyond the scope of communications.
  2. Holly Woodill is taking leave from the position of Chair of the NS Trails Board of Directors in order to assist NS Trails with work that has to be done. This will continue until the CEO returns. 
  3. Vince Sawler, Vice-Chair, will serve as the acting Chair until the NS Trails Annual General Meeting on June 10.

The executives of NS Trails felt these steps were necessary and will revisit the situation at the end of July 2017 to determine the necessary steps to move the organization forward. 

All executive positions are open for competition during the AGM on June 10. We hope to have a full executive committee following the AGM, so we encourage you to email your nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 31.


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