June 27: Risk & Recreational Lands Workshop

9am-12 noon @ Douglas Street Recreation Centre, 40 Douglas Street, Truro

This workshop hosted by the Town of Truro will explore the liabilities and risks associated with the use of your parks, trails and recreational lands and the steps you can take to improve service delivery and operation of your group. This workshop will benefit staff from parks, trail groups, and other service providers including directors, commission members, supervisors and volunteers.


Using examples from recent liability losses and injuries, workshop leader Doug Wyseman drives home the need for improved risk management efforts and provides easy-to-follow steps to succeed.


  • Trails
  • BMX/bike parks
  • Technical trail features
  • Waterfronts and falls
  • Campgrounds

    ...and much more!

About the presenter

Doug Wyseman has been involved in risk management since 1973. He presents Risk Management Schools for parks and recreation for provincial and state associations all over North America.

How to register

Complete this registration form and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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