About Us

The Nova Scotia Trails Federation (NS Trails) is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of trail users and volunteer community-based recreational trail groups in Nova Scotia. NS Trails supports the work of community groups in the planning, building, maintenance and management stages of recreational trails.

As the provincial trail organization, the primary goals of NS Trails are to promote the development and responsible use of recreational trails for the benefit and enjoyment of all Nova Scotians and visitors to our province.

Take trails to HEART.

Take trails to HEART is our motto, but what does it all mean?

Health: Trails help to improve our health and quality of life by giving us a place to maintain an active lifestyle. (Disclaimer: It is always wise to consult your doctor before starting or changing your physical activity regimen.)

Environment: Trails help us preserve green spaces, educate, protect and promote the wildlife and wilderness areas while providing managed public access.

Arts, Culture & History: Trails promote the arts, culture, and history of the community, region and province while facilitating education in the same topics.

Recreation: Trails provide many forms of recreation, adding to our quality of life. 

Transportation: Trails, whether urban or rural, provide an alternate mode of transportation.

By taking trails to heart, we are reminding ourselves not to slip into the mindset of taking our trails for granted. We must take an active responsibility for them.

Former railways, abandoned roads and newly-created trails are now pathways to work or play. Trails enable us to experience treasures such as historical points of interest, ecologically unique areas, and scenic vistas, while providing opportunities for active living and for sharing quality time with family, friends or pets.

We value access to the green spaces that contribute so much to our community and our province.

All of this ties in together. We need people like you to support, advocate for and become personally committed to Nova Scotia's trails and greenways. Take a moment to reflect on how you too can Take trails to HEART.



This website was made possible by the generous financial support of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.