Interdepartmental Committee on Trails

Interdepartmental Committee on Trails 

The Interdepartmental Committee on Trails (ICT) coordinates all provincial government related trail activities that intersect or cross departmental mandates.  The committee will interact with and seek input from a Trails Forum (composed of trails stakeholders) on related issues.

Matt Parker (Committee Co-Chair)
Dept Natural Resources 
Dawn Stegen (Committee Co-Chair)
Director Regional Services
Communities Culture and Heritage

Andrew Paton
Service NS & Municipal Relations 
Neil Morehouse
Manager Protected Areas
Dept of Environment 
Greg Newell
Area Manager 
Dept of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal 
Oliver Maass
Policy & Program Coordinator Protected Areas 
Dept of Environment 
Heather Yule
Manager Experience Development
Tourism NS
Elizabeth Pugh
Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal

Mana Wareham
Senior Analyst, Sustainable and Renewable Energy
Dept of Energy

Catherine Chase
Development Coordinator
Dept of Energy

Steve Vines 
Trails Consultant
Communities Culture and Heritage

Brendon Smithson
Acting Manager of Recreation
Communities Culture and Heritage


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